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Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in the Southeast. In 2007, SCNSC launched the Alive at 25 defensive driving course as an innovative way to end this crisis. Our evidence-based curriculum is evaluated and updated annually to maintain relevance and effectiveness for teens today. Since 2007, South Carolina teen driver fatalities have decreased by 36%. 

About the Course

Alive at 25 is designed for young drivers ages 15-24, the age group most likely to be involved in a fatal collision. The course is taught by law enforcement officers and first responders during a single session, 4.5-Hour course. Our instructors are passionate about keeping their local teen drivers safe on the road. They are carefully selected and trained by SCNSC staff to ensure they have the skills needed to make an impact with students and keep them engaged during class.

Rather than using a traditional lecture format, the Alive at 25 course includes videos, case studies, personal stories from our instructors, activities and games. Students participate in meaningful, guided conversations with instructors in a safe and non-judgmental environment, so they may develop their own conclusions about their behavior.

Alive at 25 vs. Driver's Ed 

Unlike a driver's ed course that teaches the mechanics of driving as required for the SC Graduated Driver's License, Alive at 25 curriculum focuses on the behaviors and decisions young drivers face behind-the-wheel. Our program is made to complement a driver's ed program, not replace or substitute it. To learn more about the differences between Alive at 25 and driver's ed curriculum, click here.

Training for Parents

As a parent, you have the responsibilty to keep your child safe, and that can become more challenging once your teen begins driving. If you are feeling axious about your teen driving, or you need tools to help change their driving behavior, we have resources that can help. The Alive at 25 Parent Program is an online course that will help you identify the risks your teen is facing and teach you how to partner with your teen to help them make safer choices. Click here to learn more.