Who We Are 

SCNSC is a joint membership chapter of the National Safety Council serving the states of South Carolina and Georgia. Our vision is to be regarded as the one-source for safety and health education and training for business and the community through the delivery of quality programs and instruction. Our purpose is to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death and to make our world a safer place.


Our Chapter of the National Safety Council, through safety education and public awareness, is dedicated to reducing injuries, deaths, human suffering and economic loss caused by accidents. The Council, a volunteer, non-profit organization, seeks participation of citizens in community, industry and government in the accomplishment of our shared goal…a SAFER South Carolina.

  • Safety at the Workplace
  • Accident Prevention
  • Reduce Human Pain and Suffering


As the nation’s largest non-profit safety and health membership service organization, the Safety Council offers an unparalleled spectrum of resources to help communities build and support safety and health initiatives in all aspects on the job, on the road and in the home.


Our chapter of the National Safety Council has been dedicating our resources to the prevention of accidents, and the promotion of safety and well-being in the work place and the community at large. We believe safety is in everybody’s best interest. We believe safety has value. We know that the training programs we offer result in fewer injuries and lost work time, safer environments and employees, and increased productivity.