Columbia, SC – December 22, 2021 

Lipscomb Family Foundation Awards $10,500 for “Keys to Independence: Driver’s Education for Low-Income & Foster Youth”

The Keys to Independence program provides low-income and foster youth with FREE driver’s training to provide lifesaving skills they need to become a safe driver and earn their license.

“We are deeply grateful to the Lipscomb Family Foundation for investing in the development and safety of young lives in our community,” said Todd Buehrig, SCNSC President & CEO. “Learning to drive is a right-of-passage for teenagers, but the cost of driver’s education can be a significant barrier for many.”... Click here to read the full press release.

South Carolina – October 18, 2021 

South Carolina Teen Distracted Driving Simulator Tour

The National Safety Council Southeastern Chapter (SCNSC) and State Farm are partnering with SC Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies to remind South Carolina teen drivers that distracted driving can be deadly. During National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 18-22, the Distracted Driving Simulator will visit five high schools to bring students a hands-on, outdoor learning experience... Click here to read the full press release.

South Carolina & Georgia – March 31, 2021 

State Farm awards $90,000 to support to support teen safe driving awareness in South Carolina and Georgia communities.

State Farm’s grant will support the Alive at 25 program to provide scholarships for students to complete the course, train additional law enforcement instructors, and expand the program into new South Carolina and Georgia high schools. The grant will also help relaunch the Distracted Driving Simulator program in 2021 for community events in South Carolina and Georgia... Click here to view the full press release.

Irmo, SC – September 1, 2020 

The Allstate Foundation awards $75,000 to support teen driving awareness through Alive at 25


Every 1.4 hours a South Carolina teen driver crashes behind the wheel. In 2018 alone, 265 drivers between the age of 15-24 were involved in a fatal collision. Alive at 25 is an innovative educational program that aims to end this epidemic by teaching young drivers the behaviors and skills they need to stay safe. The course is instructed by law enforcement officers and offered in 131 SC high schools. Alive at 25 continues to reach students across the state through an adapted virtual classroom platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 5,000 South Carolina students have completed Alive at 25 since April, and the program is making a huge impact with teens.... Click here to view the full press release

South Carolina - October 2019

Teen Driver Safety Week | State Farm Distracted Driving Simulator Tour

South Carolina - October 2019

Continental Tire sponsors 1,000 South Carolina high school students for the Alive at 25 defensive driving program

Continental Tire sponsors 1,000 young drivers from Sumter County, Lancaster County, and York County high schools to receive FREE Alive at 25 training. Alive at 25 is a defensive driving course from the Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council (SCNSC). The interactive curriculum is designed for young drivers age 15-24, the group most likely to be involved in a fatal collision. The 4.5-hour course is taught by local law enforcement officers and first responders who are passionate about helping teens make safer choices behind-the-wheel and change risky behaviors while driving.

“We are excited to offer this wonderful educational program to our local high school students,” said Bill Caldwell, Sr. Vice President, Continental Tire the Americas. “Alive at 25 is unlike any other driver training course. The instructors don’t just lecture, they engage. We love this program, and we hope all young drivers get the opportunity to take this class!” ...Click here to view the full press release

Charleston, SC - October 2019

Alive at 25 launches at Wando High School

Irmo, SC – September 25, 2018

SCNSC wins $25,000 for driver education for low-income and foster youth

Thanks to the support of citizens and community organizations, the Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council (SCNSC) won $25,000 from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® online voting competition. Out of 2,000 national applications, SCNSC’s program placed in the top 40!

The $25,000 grant will provide at least 100 low-income and foster care students FREE driver’s training, so they can receive a license and pursue their first job, internships, and other after-school activities that will help them become successful young adults. SCNSC is partnering with local Midlands organizations that work directly with low-income and foster teens to direct the funds where they are needed most... Click to view the full press release

Irmo, SC – January 23, 2018

SCNSC welcomes Todd Buehrig as its next Executive Director


The Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council (SCNSC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Todd Buehrig as Executive Director. Todd has led SCNSC’s growth and expansion in South Carolina and Georgia since his appointment as Director of Advancement for the organization in 2016. 

“Todd has been an influential guiding force for development and expansion for our organization,” said Laura Comstock, President of the Board of Directors. “He has a commitment to SCNSC’s core values; and a capacity to strategically guide the organization forward.  We are thrilled with the results he has produced, and we are confident he will continue to lead the organization in a direction that will help us achieve our mission of eliminating preventable injuries, death and loss across in communities across the southeast.”... Click here to view the full press release