Trauma or severe bleeding is the leading cause of death among persons aged 1-44. More Americans die from violence and injuries than from any other cause.  In 2015, the White House unveiled the “Stop the Bleed” campaign to empower bystanders to act as immediate responders. Working with nonprofits like SCNSC and the medical community, the “Stop the Bleed” campaign aims to raise awareness of life saving strategies and provide public access to bleeding control tools already used by first responders and medical personnel.

SCNSC’s 3-hour Stop the Bleed training course is designed for the general public with little-to-no medical training. Participants will learn simple techniques to help control bleeding and then practice their skills on training mannequins. The campaign is geared to make Stop the Bleed training as commonplace as CPR, with the program made available to churches, school districts, businesses and other interested community organizations. SCNSC hopes this training will empower bystanders to act quickly to save lives. Knowing what to do and the ability to effectively offer aid fosters a potential survivor’s resilience following a traumatic event.

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